Raise your voice, get on your feet!  Fight for ourselves, fight for our streets!

However we dress, wherever we go, yes means yes and no means no!

Join together, free our lives!  No one will be victimized!

No means no, it doesn’t mean maybe.  Don’t touch me, I ain’t your baby!

Feminists unite!  Reclaim the night!

Say it once, say it again, no excuses for violent men!

You’ve got anger, soul and more.  Take it to the street.  Let it roar!

I am not your girl, and I don’t want a date, so get your hands off my waist and jog on, mate!

Claim our bodies, claim our right.  Take a stand, take back the night!

We have the right to not be scared at night!

Shatter the violence!  Stop the violence!